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Thanks for stopping by!  Please sit back, relax and enjoy your visit.  It is my intention for this to be a simple, pleasurable way for you to experience my images, and what it is like to work with me.  I encourage you to read the comments my couples, their families, and our friends have left.  Of course, please leave your own comments too.

Keeping you comfortable during your search (and your wedding) is important to me.  My goal is to provide you with the information you are looking for without having to leave the serenity of your own home or office.  Hopefully this will alleviate the stress of meeting with a bunch of different photographers, and allow you to explore and make decisions at your own leisure.  Have fun, visit often, and please call or email me if you have any questions.

Evelyn & Sean II

DiMeo_family portraits-0001DiMeo_family portraits-0002DiMeo_family portraits-0003DiMeo_family portraits-0004DiMeo_family portraits-0005DiMeo_family portraits-0006DiMeo_family portraits-0007DiMeo_family portraits-0008DiMeo_family portraits-0009DiMeo_family portraits-0010DiMeo_family portraits-0011DiMeo_family portraits-0012DiMeo_family portraits-0013DiMeo_family portraits-0014DiMeo_family portraits-0015DiMeo_family portraits-0016

I did a family session for one of my favorite wedding couples and thought it would be a good idea to share it here on my blog.  It seems as though Facebook has really become a social media dynasty, and people are blogging less and less.  Still, I like having all of the images on my blog, and it definitely presents them in a better way than on FB.  I had such a wonderful time at Evelyn and Sean’s wedding (click here to see their wedding photos) because both of their families are totally incredible, so I was ecstatic when Evelyn’s dad contacted me about giving them a family session as a gift.  Anyone who knows Evelyn, Sean, and their family can appreciate why for sure.  These guys rock big time! They are all extremely photogenic, and a pleasure to be with, so yes of course sign me up!  Evelyn and I started planning and I knew she was not going to let me down.  I have to say that I really love parents, and anyone that take advantage of being photographed by a professional.  It doesn’t happen all the time, and it is expensive, so please make the most of it.  I hope the images that I have included here will show what I mean.  Thanks guys for doing such a great job!

Robbie & Brent With Love at Robert H. Treman State Park

Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-1Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-2Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-3Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-4Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-5Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-6Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-7Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-8Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-9Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-10Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-11Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-12Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-13Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-14Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-15Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-16Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-17Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-18Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-19Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-20Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-21Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-22Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-23Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-24Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-25Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-26Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-27Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-28Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-29Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-30Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-31Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-32Robert-Treman-Park-DiMeo-33I had a great time photographing Robbie and Brent’s wedding.  If you follow my blog then you know I travel quite a bit for weddings.  I love to travel, but it is always a treat to photograph a wedding in my “backyard”.  Plus it is great to shoot in places that I am really familiar with.  It also helps that Ithaca is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.  This was a gorgeous ceremony next to a wonderful waterfall in Robert Treman State Park  I love shooting in nature, because there is so much variation to choose from.  When I was teaching photography I used to give assignments to my students and they would come back with a half of a roll of film left over (yes, before the days of digital) and I would ask why they didn’t shoot the whole roll.  Their reply would be that they couldn’t think of anything to shoot.  So I started giving an assignment where they had to stay in one place and shoot a whole roll.  I told them all they had to do was spin around and open their eyes.  I assured them there would be something for to photograph if they were receptive to what they saw.  Nowhere is that more true than in nature.  We were shooting and I almost had them stopping every three to four feet because I saw something as fascinating or even more so than what we just shot.  It is fun and it is rewarding.  I thank you Robbie & Brent for inviting to be a part of your special day.  I hope you and your families enjoy and treasure your images for many generations to come.

In Binghamton with Audrey & Scott

01-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena02-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena03-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena04-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena05-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena06-Saint Patricks Church07-Saint Patricks Church08-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena09-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena10-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena11-Saint Patricks Church12-Saint Patricks Church13-Saint Patricks Church14-Saint Patricks Church15-Saint Patricks Church16-Saint Patricks Church17-Saint Patricks Church18-Saint Patricks Church19-Saint Patricks Church20-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena21-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena22-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena23-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena24-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena25-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena26-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena27-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena28-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena29-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena30-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena31-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena32-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena33-Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena34-Binghamton Holiday Inn ArenaHad a great time shooting Audrey and Scott’s wedding in Binghamton, New York.  They had a beautiful ceremony at Saint Patrick’s Church, followed by a wonderful reception at The Binghamton Holiday Inn Arena.  This is an awesome place that is set right on the water with a gorgeous walkway behind it.  A huge shout out goes to Kara Kiefer for all of her help.  Thanks Kara, you were fabulous!  Audrey & Scott I wish you much love and happiness now and always.

Beth & Joey – A Delightful Marriage at The Ithaca Farmers Market

Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-01Ithaca-Holiday Inn-dimeo-02Ithaca-dimeo-weddings-03Ithaca Falls-dimeo-04Ithaca-Holiday Inn-dimeo-05Ithaca-dimeo-weddings-06Ithaca-Holiday Inn-dimeo-07

Joey was so excited at the first look.  Can you blame him?

Joey was so excited at the first look. Can you blame him?

Ithaca-dimeo-weddings-09Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-10Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-11Ithaca Falls-dimeo-12Ithaca Falls-dimeo-13Ithaca Falls-dimeo-14Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-15Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-16Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-17Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-18Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-19Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-20Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-21Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-22Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-23Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-24Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-25Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-26Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-27Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-28Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-29Kazz-DiMeo-30Kazz-DiMeo-31Kazz-DiMeo-32Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-33Kazz-DiMeo-34Kazz-DiMeo-35Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-36Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-37Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-38Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-39Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-40Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-41Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-42

This was one of those rare weddings when I wasn’t able to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day.  So I had absolutely no expectations at all going in.  I was psyching myself up on the way because I always try to do the best I possibly can.  I had talked with Beth on the phone and she sounded like an awesome person!  She is very professional, and everything was pretty cut and dry.  When I showed up she was getting her hair done, and her incredible beauty floored me.  When she put her wedding dress on she was even more amazing.  I have talked about the transition a woman goes through from street clothes to her wedding dress several times on my blog but it really is something to witness.  While working on the images, I stopped numerous times just in awe of her magnificent beauty.


I have never seen the Ithaca Farmers Market looking so nice either.  It was an incredible day for a wonderful ceremony on the pier.  The light was spectacular, and there was a delightful breeze, plus plenty of good vibes all around.  Macro Mamas was outstanding with the vegan catering, I mean like really outstanding!  This was some of the best food I have ever had at a wedding or anywhere.  Plenty of Posies provided the most beautiful flower arrangements, and Kazz Music blew the roof off.  Joey sometimes plays trombone with the group (he kicked it big time at the wedding), and it was the most amazing night!  Beth should consider being a wedding planner on the side because she was right on with everything!


Thank you so much to everyone for everything!  Thank you to Beth, Joey, and your families for your incredible patience as well.  I hope you enjoy your images as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you!  I wish you much love and happiness for all eternity.

Ithaca Farmers Market-dimeo-43


Sandra & Mark- True Love and Beauty for a Rochester Wedding

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_01DiMeo-Sandra-02DiMeo-Sandra-03DiMeo-Sandra-04The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_05The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_06DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-07DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-08DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-09DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-10DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-10aDiMeo-Sandra-12DiMeo-Sandra-13DiMeo-Sandra-14DiMeo-Sandra-15DiMeo-Sandra-16DiMeo-Sandra-17DiMeo-Sandra-18DiMeo-Sandra-19DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-20R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_21The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_22The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_23The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_24The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_25The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_26The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_27The Church of the Blessed Sacrament_28

okay so we ended up stopping traffic for this way around it.  Thanks everyone!

okay so we ended up stopping traffic for this one…no way around it. Thanks everyone!

DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-30DiMeo-Rochester Wedding-31

I loved Sandra's expression when she first saw the room her reception would be held in

I loved Sandra’s expression when she first saw the room her reception would be held in

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_33R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_34R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_35R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_36R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_37R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_38

I love a guy who is not afraid to show his emotion

I love a guy who is not afraid to show his emotion

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_40

One of the best Father/Daughter dances ever!

One of the best Father/Daughter dances ever!

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_42R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_43R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_44

beautiful bridesmaids too

beautiful bridesmaids too

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_46

David Pfluke, Dave Wolkonowski, and Rich Pagano from Sound Express Entertainment Group

David Pfluke, Dave Wolkonowski, and Rich Pagano from Sound Express Entertainment Group

R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_48

This was so funny!  I noticed that the "We Do" sign was placed upside down on the table after they cut the cake, and it said this.  We laughed so hard!

This was so funny! I noticed that the “We Do” sign was placed upside down on the table after they cut the cake, and it said this. We laughed so hard!

DiMeo-Sandra-50R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_51R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center_52I have been dying to finish this wedding and share it with everyone, but at the same time I’m a little sad to be done with it.  This has to be without doubt one of my favorite weddings ever!  I’m sure that I will revisit these images many times in the future for my new web site, and contests, so I guess I am never really finished with anything.  Sandra and Mark are the most incredible couple!  They have wonderful families and friends, and it is evident that they share a lot of love.  Sandra is one of the most beautiful brides I have ever photographed (inside and out).  Plus, each one of her bridesmaids is also drop dead gorgeous as well.  Mark and the guys are all incredibly handsome, and The Church of the Blessed Sacrament (where they were married) is immaculate.  I don’t think The R.I.T. Inn & Conference Center could have looked any better.  I’m so happy that Stacy Claire Peffley got pregnant (congratulations Stacy!) and had twins, because she shot their engagement session, and recommended me as a photographer to Sandra.  Thank you Stacy, I don’t know how I can ever pay you back with a wedding this nice.  To top it off David Pfluke, Dave Wolkonowski, and Rich Pagano from Sound Express Entertainment Group did the most phenomenal job throughout the entire reception.  These guys really know how to entertain and have fun.  I whole-heartedly recommend them!  Thank you everyone for doing a tremendous job and making this an incredibly enjoyable event.  I wish you much love and happiness Sandy & Mark, now and always.


cindy goettelman - Beautiful pictures! I absolutely love them! Great job Frank!

Fernando Lou Gonzalez - Frank these look amazing. Great job!

David Pfluke - Don't mean to sound Cliche, but that was an EPIC wedding reception! We had the best time & your pictures look absolutely incredible! I wish we could do it all over again! Gonna be hard to top that one...